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An actual training for IIS! Embarassed

And here I always thought it was the easiest app microsoft released…

I went out and grabbed the .pdf enjoy. Below is the Syllabus


This workshop runs a full 3 days. Students should anticipate consistent start and end times for each day. Early departure on any day is not recommended. Incoming Assessment. Students take a 25-question quiz that baselines their knowledge.

Module 1: Windows Architecture. Provides a basic understanding of the components that make up the User space and the Kernel space within the Windows architecture. Explains how to deal with exceptions in User space and Kernel space.

Module 2: IIS 6.0 Architecture Presents the internal architecture of IIS 6.0. Describes how various features of IIS can be used in maintaining web servers and how these can be used in troubleshooting issues. This workshop is just one of many available from Microsoft Services. For more information, contact your Technical Account Manager or Services representative.

Module 3: Troubleshooting Tools. Discusses in detail the many tools that can be used for troubleshooting common IIS problems. Focuses on the tools used by Microsoft support engineers and how they can be applied to resolve a variety of issues.

Module 4: Problem Analysis. Provides an opportunity to apply newly learned knowledge. Emphasizes free-form troubleshooting labs that rovide practical experience in troubleshooting realistic problem scenarios. Outgoing Assessment. Students complete the quiz again and compare Incoming with Outgoing results to measure knowledge transfer. Action Planning Session. Students develop Action Plans to improve real-world situations and/or implement proactive measures.